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About Us

Our cattery

Maine Coons of Minnesota is based out of our home with all of our cats and litters raised with abundant love, care and attention.  One of the fascinations that drives our interest is watching the personalities of each kitten flourish.

We have seven adult Maine Coons in our home, all of them pure bred and registered with the ACFA. 

How we raise our kittens  

Our cats and kittens are raised in a loving, healthy environment.  Our standards are always kept high as these kittens are raised underfoot with playful dispositions.  Our kittens stay with us until they are at least 9-12 weeks old.  They are litter trained and very well socialized.  From birth our Maine Coons are raised with dogs, a Shar Pei and an English Bulldog.

Adoption process

We offer serious buyers the opportunity to come visit us by appointment to view our litters.

All kittens receive two vaccinations (at 8 and 12 weeks) and other health care.

As Maine Coon cat breeders we prefer to place our kitens within driving distance but may consider shipping our Maine Coons for what we consider an ideal home. 

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